Our past is filled with the celebration of people and success. We can look back at the good old days and smile at the adventures we have had.  Adventures that included the unknown, new projects to complete and opportunities for us to seize.

Likewise, we can look back at the tough times and the difficulties we have faced. These times may be full of regret and disappointment. The past can remind us of when our decisions were faulty, when we did not succeed and when we were not strong leaders.

However, the future is not determined by the past. Our past successes do not guarantee future success. Passive leaders may try to coast and rely on what they accomplished in the past. The truth is we either grow or we slide backwards. There is no coasting.

Likewise, the future is not determined by past mistakes or difficulties. If we have learned from our mistakes, that represents growth. Success comes as we learn from the past and apply it to the future. We must never allow our mistakes to define us, but rather use them to define a successful future.

Part of life is understanding that each season holds opportunities for us to grow and also challenges. The question is will you step out in confidence to apply the best of what you know and can do to succeed? Or will you withdraw and simply hope it will work out? It takes more than wishing it will turn out to obtain success.

Let’s learn from the past, challenge ourselves to tackle challenges and excel, and embrace the journey. There are no perfect leaders. There are simply leaders committed to their purpose who continue learning and moving forward, leaders who are courageous enough to work towards a better future.

Are you stuck in the past? Are you defeated by the mistakes that have happened? Are you coasting on yesterday’s success? Determine to put the past in perspective and focus on the future.