Growth is wonderful and exciting but requires a commitment from us.  We dream of waking up and having lost weight overnight, having published a book, or finding our organization has grown exponentially.  Wouldn’t that be great?!

Instant growth would be great but misses the essential process of growth.  Growth begins with evaluation and an accurate understanding of strengths and weaknesses for ourselves and our organizations.  We need to honestly look at what is working well, and where we need to stretch to reach that next level.  Evaluating data and results will assist in creating a road map towards growth and success.

We also must be willing to commit to the work that will be required.  It may be that we need to use new tools to stay organized, or learn new approaches, or develop new ways of meeting the needs of those we serve.  This will not happen if we are not willing to adapt and pivot from what has worked in the past to what is required moving forward.  What worked five years ago may not work in today’s environment.

Growth also requires a drive to accomplish new goals and a desire to improve on what we have accomplished in the past.  It is tempting to settle in and enjoy the work that was done previously, but that will halt our growth rather than extend it.  We must continue to dream, plan, and execute strategies that will promote additional growth.

Another requirement is to persevere.  Growth is not easy and there will be challenges to reaching our goals.  Leaders must be committed to persevere if they want growth to occur.  In fact, the more important the goal, the more obstacles you will face.  The question is not if you will face those obstacles, but rather what they will be.  This aspect of growth requires courage to stay the course and see it through.  Growth happens for those who possess the drive, strength, and commitment to their mission or purpose.

If you are struggling to grow, ask yourself if there is some area of growth that you are missing. There is great reward when you grow, not just from reaching the goal, but the journey to get there.  The accomplishment of having worked hard, being willing to change, and learning from experience are great steppingstones for the next phase of the journey.  Join others in committing to grow!