We tend to view challenges as a negative part of life and our work. We often think that if we can only get past this challenge, it will be smooth sailing. We dream of being able to move forward without a care in the world. Without issues to get in our way, we believe that we would always be smiling, everyone would get along, and life would be great. 

What we do not consider is what we would be missing if there were no challenges. There are “presents” we cannot receive without experiencing challenges and issues in life. For example, without obstacles we would never realize what we might be able to accomplish. When you start a project you know many things, except the things you had not thought of until faced with a challenge. 

We also do not gain strength of character and leadership when times are easy. Obstacles cause us to dig deep and to gain perspective and determination to overcome those issues. When things are going smoothly it feels stable and ideal, but it does not provide an opportunity for professional growth. 

Challenges also present an opportunity to rethink our approach, our processes, and our strategies. In fact, hopefully we will step back and reconsider what is working and what could be better. It is often in these moments that inspiration joins perspiration to create unparalleled success. Challenges provide a unique opportunity to position yourself for additional growth that would not otherwise be experienced. 

While none of us want to be faced with challenges, we can greet them with confidence and a perspective that causes us to look ahead for opportunities, new learning, and the ability to pivot when needed. The ability to start anew, and to embrace the future are presents we can all value.