How Ideal Am I?

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Rhoda Kreuzer | Leadership & Team Building | May 21, 2018

Everytime I hear the word "ideal", I tend to try and picture myself as the "ideal" mother, consultant, neighbor, or person. However, it doesn't take too long before I realize that "ideal" does not always match with reality.

When applied to being an Ideal Team Player or Leader, author Patrick Lencioni assigns three key attributes. Being Humble, Hungry, and Smart makes one ideal according to Lencioni.

Humble is defined as having an accurate self-view. Not thinking too highly of ourselves or lacking confidence in our abilities. Hungry is defined as want to make an impact, reaching goals, or striving to succeed. Smart is defined as our EQ - our awareness of how we impact others, of how others will react, of how to form strong relationships. Click HERE to learn how to spot ideal team players.


Each of these three characteristics is equally important to be an ideal team player or leader. So, which of these do you struggle with the most? How can you improve in that area to become a stronger team player or leader? Set a goal and  begin now to work towards the person everyone wants leading or on their team! 

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Fake Stories.

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Rhoda Kreuzer | Team Building Edition

Stories are wonderful things. They take us on journeys, allow us to imagine diverse cultures, and entertain us. They can create emotions of joy, thoughtfulness, or sometimes sadness. Stories have been used for centuries to convey truths being passed on from generation to generation.

However, there are stories that we create and believe every day without consciously being aware of them. Stories we create about other team members. For example, when someone fails to say good morning to us, we might create a story in our mind about how they have never liked us and are purposely snubbing us.

Or consider when someone makes a decision we disagree with and we create a story about them that assumes they are being uncaring or manipulative. These stories are powerful and begin to create a context for how we view that person and everything they do.

If we do not ask the person for clarification, we can end up making assumptions that are not true. This produces a lot of conflict within our teams. Instead, try asking yourself questions like, "I wonder why they chose to do it that way?" or " I wonder why they seem so quiet this morning?" Then ask the person for further input. You might be amazed to learn that your "story" or assumptions were "fake" all along!


-Starting this week, improve your personal relationship by asking questions first rather than making assumptions.

-Help your team improve their awareness in conflict situations. Watch this intro video on Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Assessment. Contact me if this tool might be for your organization.

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Mentally, You Left The Room.

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John Karle | Sales Edition | May 7, 2018

Did you hear what your prospect just said? They told you what it would take to do business with them. Did you hear? No? Where did you go during the sales call? Mentally, you left the room. You focused on yourself and not the client. What? I lost focus! Yes, you focused on your next question(s) and stopped listening to your prospect.

Want to hear more? Start listening. Simple. Everyone (prospect and clients) want to be heard!

There are 2 types of listening:  verbal and non-verbal. Non-Verbal listening is one of the tools you can employ. If you show by your body language that you are interested in the other person, your prospect will be open to answering your question. On the other hand, if you are truly not listening, your body language will give you away and you will not hear your prospect. 

In the Broadway stage play "Hamilton", Aaron Burr says to Alexander Hamilton, "While we're talking can I give you some free advice? Talk less!" Hamilton replies, "What?" Burr says, "Smile more!" In just a few words, Burr gives Hamilton some great advice - great sales advice!

Personal Challenge: Ask yourself honestly, "Am I listening or talking too much?" If talking, watch this short video and challenge yourself this week to listen. Maybe you'll hear someone asking you to do business with them!



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