Healthy Leading and Living

Are you setting an example to live a healthy life?

We as leaders wear many hats and need to respond to internal and external customers throughout our day.  We analyze, pivot, and initiate, which also requires significant energy and innovation.  These are all responsibilities that require energy and focus in the midst of an ever changing landscape.

Unfortunately, the intensity of our schedule oftentimes causes us to not schedule time for key activities that lead to healthy results.  Activities including things like relaxation, planning, and personal development.  Being at full energy requires us to take time to refuel our minds, emotions, and physical bodies.  Are you sleeping well? When was the last time you took time for fun? Have you done anything social lately that wasn’t business related?

Most entrepreneurs are initiators and action takers by nature.  Leaders get things done and move things forward quickly. Without taking time for much needed rest, fun, and learning; we soon find ourselves running dry.  We can keep pushing forward however, it will take more time and we will be less effective. Leaders need to set an example that everyone needs to make our mental, emotional and physical health a priority.

Set some time in the next week to unplug and renew yourself.  Your energy and creativity will soar!