While leaders must keep their eyes on the goal and the future, there are key ways they must stay grounded.  Keeping our feet on the ground includes such things as staying connected to the needs of your employees and customers.  Understanding their employee and customers needs and how they are being impacted by key decisions is imperative.

Leaders also need to stay connected to their values and mission.  Trust comes when people understand why leaders are making certain decisions. Also, how they, themselves, can succeed within the team and culture.  Further, team members need to be able to establish priorities based on the mission and vision for the organization. 

Leaders can never lose sight of the people they serve, or the core reason they exist and still succeed.  Ask yourself, what needs, and ambitions are represented in the people you serve?  How consistently do you model your values?  How often do you communicate the purpose, priorities, and goals of the organization?  The answer to these questions will begin to portray how grounded you and your team are in the midst of a fast-changing world.