Navigating your True North

On a compass there are the standard directions of North, South, East, West, but alongside each of these are degrees off from those directions.  When someone speaks about navigating their true North, they are setting a very exact direction for navigation.

When you are out in the woods or at sea, consistent navigation and direction is critical to survival.  Leaders must know where their true North is located and how they will navigate in order to arrive safely.  Consider how you are navigating your true North when facing issues and complexities? 

For some leaders, popular opinion is their guide.  For others it is what is convenient or expedient.  But these guides will not last or be effective to arriving at your destination.  Popular opinion changes quickly as do circumstances.  Strong leaders realize they must be guided by something that is consistent and that anchors their decisions.

Effective leaders understand that they must be guided by a compass that is based on ethical character, vision, serving others, and building trust.  Doing what is right is more important than being an expert.  You must make your decisions not based on feeling but rather on what you know is the right thing to do in that situation. 

When those we lead see us consistently making decisions based on true facts, and aligned with our values, they will trust us and our decisions.  This is foundational to leadership and cannot be replaced with anything else.

Your vision further informs your decisions as you seek to fulfill that vision for your team, your organization and those you serve.  By using this as part of your guide, it allows people to see that you are walking the talk.  Not just talking about a goal but implementing steps to achieve that goal.

What is your true North?  How are you making critical decisions?  Join successful leaders who incorporate these essential keys into their decision making.

Navigating your True North