It would be wonderful if leaders always knew how things would turn out or could predict the right decision every time.  However, that dream is not reality.  Leaders are constantly faced with trying to decide if they should make decision A or decision B.  They have to invest in products and services with no certainty that the market will respond to their initiative.  In short, there is no crystal ball to guide leadership decisions or actions.

Leaders must become comfortable with making decisions without all the answers.  They need to learn to trust their own instincts and knowledge, and seek to execute their strategies in the best way possible.  All the while knowing there may be obstacles in the path ahead, but that you can ultimately change direction or refine at any time.

A leader must see all new ventures as learning experiences.  It is not about having arrived and being the ultimate expert, rather it is about being on a life-long journey of learning from each new experience.  This openness to learning will drive others on the team to risk failing by innovating the next compelling product or service.

There will always be circumstances that make leaders consider if this is the right time to move forward.  In reality, there is no ideal time, only the ability to understand what our clients need and how to provide unique solutions.  Leaders operate in spite of uncertainty, fear, or less than ideal circumstances.

What is holding you back?  Less than ideal circumstances?  Not enough information?  A list of what ifs?  Challenge yourself to move beyond these and identify what would be the potential if you moved forward.  Yes, you need to plan for obstacles, but you also need to know that you will continue to innovate along the way.  As you gain new information, you can make adjustment.  Do not sit on the sidelines waiting for the perfect time or the perfect solution.  You may end up losing out on the greatest opportunity of all.