Time capsules are fun to open.  They provide a glimpse into the past and what life was like at a particular point in time.  Some of the items can highlight fun aspects of life, while others remind us of difficult chapters. What will go in your leadership time capsule?

As we move beyond COVID and the changes we encountered over the last year and a half what are the things that you want to remember? What lessons will you take with you from this very difficult period in your leadership journey?  Following are a few examples of what some leaders may want to include:

*A mask – Zoom calls were filled with pets and children in the background.  We were able to see behind the mask of our more polished lives at work to see a greater picture of who team members are as whole people.  This provided a gift of understanding and being able to connect in greater ways as a team.  Consider how you can continue to allow people to share more of who they are to build stronger relationships.

*PPE – We learned a lot about safety protocol.  Moving forward we may not be using all of the same PPE, but ask yourself how to provide a safe and secure environment for your team.  Not just physically, but in other ways as well.  Team members have endured a very stressful time and will carry some of those emotions into the future.  How will you assist them in feeling secure in your environment?

*Zoom/Teams App – Most of us learned to work remotely and how to communicate well through technology.  Having the opportunity to work remotely opened the realization of how much we value work/life balance.   Many felt more centered, present and enjoyed more flexibility in their work schedule.  How will you continue to provide opportunities for them to balance their lives?

*Pictures of People – There were many events that people missed or loved ones that were ill and they could not be with them.  We learned how important people are and how much we need each other.  How will you provide opportunities for team members to connect in meaningful ways?

These are just a few examples of items to put in your time capsule.  However, the greater question, is how will you and your team benefit from each item and lesson?  Do not just close the COVID chapter with a sigh of relief.  Remember the things we have learned and ensure that you use them to guide the future.