There are many opportunities for each of us to make an impact on the world.  In fact, we impact the world every day with our attitude.  So the issue is not whether we will impact the world, but how we will choose to impact the world.

I have talked to many people who report feeling like the world is so negative right now.  This is true. However, as leaders, the question is what we will do with the negativity.  I would suggest there are several ways to respond to negativity.


  • One response is to limit your exposure.  As a leader we must be aware of how negativity affects us and those around us.  Your attitude is critical in shaping discussions, motivating others, and creating a positive culture for those we lead.  It is your choice how much exposure to negativity you will listen to or experience.
  • Second is reframing the negativity as an opportunity.  If you begin to see problems as an opportunity for improvement, it will totally change your attitude and the impact you have on others.  This is not just wishful thinking but rather a practical tool for making progress.  Without problems we do not understand how processes need to be refined, we are not aware of ways to innovate and create new products or services.
  • Third, choose to surround yourself with positive information and people.  When you start to worry or feel down, look for inspirational quotes, listen to motivational speakers, or listen to great music.  As leaders we must be intentional about keeping our attitude positive and focused on what we can accomplish.  This can be challenging, but it is essential if we want to create momentum and great outcomes.

Consider what steps you need to take to have an attitude that draws you towards a life of significance and that others want to be around!


Attitude Matters