Preparing for a Successful 2022

You may be thinking 2022 sounds like it is far away.  However, we are less than two months from the end of 2021 and there are holidays and year-end reports to complete.  We will be to the end of this year before you know it and 2022 will be here.  Why worry?

The truth is that if you are not planning for a successful 2022 you will merely repeat what happened in 2020 and 2021.  Maybe those were good years for you but you will not realize the great things that could occur in 2022.  In fact, chances are great you will not match what was accomplished in prior years.

What are some of the things a leader must do to prepare for a successful 2022?

Following are just a beginning list:

  • Create a strategic plan
  • Create a budget to support your strategic plan
  • Create an annual recruitment and training strategy
  • Update your records and forms; i.e. Obtain the 2022 I9 form, tax forms
  • Review your employee handbook for revisions and compliance
  • Develop your own coaching/development strategy to remain a strong leader

These are examples that are imperative if you are going to create an awesome 2022.  Don’t wait until January to do this planning.  You will lose the potential of your first quarter if you do not begin now.

If you are interested in doing these things but are not sure how to begin, contact us to learn about some of the tools and resources we provide clients.  One of the resources we provide is a Leadership Group that assists in navigating these critical steps with your peers.

Find even 30 minutes to take these beginning steps towards a successful 2022!