We all take vision tests from time to time.    As a result, some of us get prescription glasses that adjust our vision to bring things into focus.  It is important to see the world around us clearly and be able to read.

However, we not only need clarity in our vision but to check where our vision is focused.  As leaders, we can have a 20/20 vision, see things in sharp detail, but be focused on only the negative and only the obstacles around us.  Seeing Challenges in 3D only paralyzes us and keeps us convinced that we cannot succeed.

Where we focus our vision and attention has a profound impact on our attitude and our actions.  If you are feeling fearful, or uncertain, or overwhelmed; you need to check where your vision is focused.  There are people overcoming huge obstacles all the time.  They are not superhuman or just lucky.  They are people choosing to focus on the possibilities that could happen if they stepped out and tried.

As leaders taking a regular check on our vision is critical.  We need clarity about the opportunities we are pursuing, how we are going to achieve those goals, and the purpose we are pursuing.  The truth is that anything that is truly important will include obstacles.


If there were no obstacles everyone would have achieved it already.


Instead, successful leaders see challenges as part of the journey but instead focus on the opportunity of what could happen by taking the journey.  Success begins by putting yourself in play, taking those first steps forward, and committing to moving forward.

In 2008 when the market crashed, there were lots of companies that went out of business.  For some, this may have been the right decision.  However, it also provided an easy out for those who were so focused on the challenges they could not see the possibility of how to overcome and succeed.

For the leaders who kept going, it was not easy, but they came out of the recession stronger and with greater capability to succeed.   Life will always include challenges, but we do not have to focus on those issues.  Instead, let’s succeed by focusing on the possibilities of what can occur if we do not give up.  There are many wonderful things in life.  Success is about focusing on and committing to seek out the gifts of opportunity, growth, and people who enrich our lives.