Many of us wish we had a magic wand to take care of those complex problems that just do not go away.  Those problems that are overwhelming and seem impossible to correct.

However, wishing for a magic wand is futile and keeps us from the true answer.

To bring about change, leaders must commit to the work and the time. Leaders must persevere through challenges if they want to see change.  Fear, procrastination, and uncertainty cannot deter us from bringing about change. Unfortunately, there is no magical pixie dust to sprinkle around in leadership.

Leaders know that the most important changes will require resolve and commitment, despite the obstacles.  It will require our personal best and a willingness to take on the challenge.  We see examples of this as leaders fight for equality against a history that is racist.  We further see examples of leaders struggling to make it through economic hardship and pandemics.

Yet those leaders refuse to give up or to transfer responsibility for making a change to others.  One key to creating change is our attitude.  Not allowing ourselves to be a victim, not giving up hope, and not feeling sorry for ourselves.  Yes, it is hard to keep going when you do not see change happen quickly.  But still, we must hope and work for change that is critical to the well-being of our team and community.

Leadership is all about identifying the change you want to see and committing to being an agent of change.  Influencing others where needed, gathering needed resources, aligning the team around the change, and clearly establishing priorities to reach that objective are the activities leaders must be about.  Begin today to be the change you want to see around you!