Setting goals is easy. It is fulfilling those goals that are hard for most people, including leaders. There is the constant tug of day-to-day urgent tasks to be completed, reports to be generated, phone calls, or meetings to attend. The list of items that distract us from important goals is endless. Many leaders report knowing that they should be equipping their team, planning for new priorities, or implementing new processes. Those same leaders will also report that they have spent far too little time working on those goals.

How do you change that paradigm?

First, you must commit to reaching the goal. Not wishing, but committing that you will not end the day, week, or year without reaching the important goals you have set. One technique to keep those goals in front of you is reviewing your goals and priorities each day, week, and month of the year. This reminds leaders of what is truly important.

Next, avoid waiting for the perfect time to start. There is no perfect time to begin or launch a new goal. So set a reasonable amount of time every day or week to work on that goal. Start small – even 20-30 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

Inspire yourself to think big and initiate often. Keep inspirational quotes visible, listen to great speakers, or read books and articles that are filled with great ideas, even listening to your favorite music can inspire you to keep going. Change does not come easily but with practice, we can make progress one step at a time.

Finally, remind yourself why this goal is critical. Each goal reached prepares us for the next and larger goal. We must practice reaching the small goals so that we are ready to reach for the truly great things that are waiting for us. Start practicing now, today, and recognize that each step is leading you towards success.