Whether considering a team, an organization, a neighborhood, or really any other group of people; we must look to the greater good.  We can only succeed as a whole.  One person taking care of the needs of others and they in turn do so for us.

If one suffers, we all suffer.  If one succeeds, it pulls all of us towards success.  Remember that no man or woman is an island.  We did not get to where we are on our own.  We had many people along the way who supported, taught, and guided us.  Those gifts should not be hoarded by keeping them to ourselves.  Instead, we should look at paying it forward and sharing that same support and insight with others.  Only then are we respecting and honoring the gifts of those who invested in us.

Consider first who do you need to thank and express gratitude for their investment in you.

Maybe it was kind words spoken at a critical moment.  Maybe it was someone who graciously shared knowledge with you.  Whoever it was and whatever they did that led to where you are today, do not take those gifts for granted.  They could have shared those gifts with anyone but chose to share them with you.

Next consider who you need to speed those words of encouragement, who you need to give support to, or who you need to inspire and teach.  This is a gift we give to others and ourselves.  You cannot outgive the benefits of investing in others.  You will be rewarded with even deeper insights as you share your insights because you have to dig deeper to explain and share those insights.  You also benefit from the bond that will develop between you and others as you invest in their lives.  You will gain satisfaction from seeing them grow and knowing that in some small way you played a part.

We must look to the needs of all in order to succeed.  It is never enough to say, I made it and they should be able to do so as well.  We are connected and must build community by opening ourselves to serving others.  This is especially true for leaders, you must always look to the good of those you lead; knowing that this is one of our greatest callings.