Succeeding at Leadership & Life

My best friend and I joke that “Creativity, flexibility, and a sense of humor will get you through just about anything!”  When we first laughed over this statement, we were in college and naïve about life.  Many years later I would still echo that statement as a key to success in most areas of life.

Successful leaders begin with understanding what they are passionate about, and why they want to lead in a certain area.

They have a purpose that draws them to strive for excellence and reach a goal.  This purpose becomes a personal challenge for them and is a source of energy.

Leaders also need to develop a sense of humor about themselves and their work.  There will always be bumps along the way and times when things do not go well.   Having challenges is not unusual and does not mean that we will not succeed.  We need to be able to laugh about the challenges and then turn our attention to solutions.

Success means showing compassion towards others.   We should be about serving others and caring about the issues in their lives.  Beginning with our team members, and extending to our clients and others within the community; we must consider their needs and perspectives.  Doing so keeps us grounded in purpose and a sense of service.

Finally, remember that we all have different personalities and preferences.  That is not bad but rather can provide a unique way to communicate, create momentum, or plan events.  Using the strengths of who we are can ultimately create a unique leadership style that will help your team shine.

Work on these areas and watch your effectiveness as a leader grow!