This morning as I was pulling into my parking lot, I saw four deer munching on leaves.  It brought a smile to my face as I watched the mothers and their fawns enjoying breakfast.

So often it is easy to focus on getting to work, getting started on projects, and planning for our day or week.  In doing so, we often focus on the challenges to be solved instead of the good things along the way.  There are so many things for us to celebrate and be grateful for if we choose to watch and reflect on them.

First, we can take in the wonder of being able to lead a team.  Consider that your team does not have to work for you or follow your leadership.  The fact that they choose to come to work and use their abilities as part of your team and organization is a gift.  A wonderful gift they share with you and the team.

We also have the wonder of being able to innovate and create new products and services.  Yes, there are challenges that we must overcome to provide new products and services, but you have the freedom to do so and gain momentum.  To do meaningful work that impacts those you serve.

There is also the wonder and joy of hearing how you have impacted your customers and team members.

We assist clients with their hiring process and recently I had a candidate who thanked us for our attention to making sure the fit was right between them and the company.  They were grateful that it was not just a transaction and expressed how great that made them feel.

We also heard from a CEO who said that because of our support and coaching they were able to make significant strides of growth in their business.  As leaders, we can take statements like these for granted or realize they reflect the impact we are making.  Further sharing feedback with your team spreads that pleasure to your team members and lifts their morale.

There are many other wonders and joys in our day if we choose to see them.  Do you recognize the wonders in your day?  I challenge you to focus on your ability to make a difference and the privilege called leadership.