There are many ways in which leaders need to protect resources.  There are budgets to balance and equipment to schedule, and staff to schedule.  No one has unlimited resources, and that reality can create a mindset of scarcity.   Scarcity causes us to adopt a win/lose perspective.  If someone else receives praise, we can feel a loss for ourselves.  If another company is growing, we feel that overshadows ours.

Instead, leading with an abundance mindset allows us to celebrate the success of others, equip and promote those we lead, and acknowledge that when one organization or community is strong, it means all of us have gained.

Leading with abundance allows you to see the world and situations through a win/win lens.

Abundance allows us to celebrate the joy of leading in the midst of challenges.  To see beyond the issues to relish the thrill of overcoming.  Abundance is not ignoring issues but knowing that we will succeed if we are open to learning and innovating.  This mindset allows us to seek out ways to support and foster mutual benefit without feeling that we are losing something when others grow.  An abundance leader derives pleasure from helping and giving to others.

Abundance leaders are trusted and respected for having the best interest of those we serve at heart.  There is no alternate agenda.  Decisions are made because they are what is best of the team, resources are allocated based on mission and purpose, not politics, and people are promoted who share this leadership view.  Consider how attractive and compelling this mindset is to someone with strong talent.  You can earn money in a lot of places, but you cannot buy this culture and it is one of the most valuable attributes we have to offer.

Which mindset are you choosing?  Are you celebrating your team? Do you seek the best for others?  These are the marks of a strong leader.  It still requires hard work but there is far more joy and enrichment for everyone along the way!

Malala Yousafzai