Many leaders feel their success is determined by sales revenues, how few problems they experience, or how popular they are.  These things are not bad, but they do not define true successful leadership.  Instead, they are counterfeit definitions of success that look good on the surface while struggling to sustain any growth.

Authentic leadership instead is based on our influence, the results and momentum achieved, and the culture created.  It is not quick and easy to go the authentic route.  The real leadership pathway is harder and takes far more effort.  It demands more from a leader and forces us to ask hard questions.

We have never needed true leadership more than we do today.  There is more insecurity in safety, health, and the economy than ever before.  All of this insecurity and change produce anxiety and the desire for a quick answer.  The reality is that we do not have quick answers, but we can guide our teams through those changes and bring about long-term good.  As leaders, we must speak into these challenging times

True leadership means displaying courage, integrity, and being mission-driven.

It is always easy to discuss being a true leader, but hard to do.  True leaders do not run from challenges, or from obstacles, or change.  Instead, we commit ourselves to a mission and purpose that compels us to press forward and challenge our teams to excel.  The incredible joy of succeeding in spite of risks and issues is one that forges teams to work together.

Our challenge is to avoid settling for counterfeit Leadership which is cheap and shallow.  These leaders are burning out at massive rates and leaving an empty, discouraged feeling at the end of the day.  Counterfeit leadership feels good because it is quicker to achieve but falls off rapidly when stress comes our way.

True leadership is deep and lasting.  Which will you choose? Let’s be true leaders who will impact those we serve and sustain success for the future.

Winston Churchill