The gifts of Christmas – Relationships

At Christmas, we are surrounded by decorations that provide important reminders to us.  We are reminded of these important truths through music, visual decorations, through stories, community celebrations, and church services.  In different ways, they are all pointing us toward what is truly important in life. 

For example, Christmas brings families together.  Our loved ones are one of the most important things in our lives and without them, we are poorer.  Yes, there are those relationships that are toxic, and we may need to limit connecting with them.  However, generally, families care about each other and are there for us.  Much like a team that becomes close and supports each other even during challenging times. 

Christmas also reminds us of the wonder of surprise.  As we open gifts, we generally enjoy the surprises that others provide us.  There are surprises, however, that you don’t enjoy so much.  Like the ugly Christmas sweater, or the picture that you have no room for and do not like.  Likewise, life provides us with surprises of all shapes and sizes. 

Sometimes the surprises that we receive from life are not the ones we would hope for, but the reality is we can learn from every change or surprise that comes our way. 

Will we open the gift as leaders and model how to grow from each one?  If we only welcome the positive ones, we will miss some gems along the way. 

Christmas reminds us how to love others.  Most of us have our favorite people that are easy to buy gifts for because we enjoy them.  However, there are those relatives or neighbors to who we are challenged in relating to them.  Many times, we hesitate to spend the time buying something nice for them.  The truth is that everyone deserves to be valued and loved regardless of whether they are grumpy, disagree with your political views, or have some other characteristic you do not like.  Love and respect are some of the best gifts we can give to each other.  As leaders, we must remember to serve others whether they can do anything in return or not. 


mahatma Gandhi