Deciding and making a commitment are some of the most difficult things to do.  Many people talk about going back to school, writing a book, or losing weight.  Most people have a long wish list of things they would like to accomplish.  However, few people actually achieve those goals.   

What prevents us from accomplishing these goals is the commitment to begin.  Leaders are not immune from procrastinating the things they know they should do but instead take the easier path.  Commitment compels us to begin moving forward despite difficulties that exist.  Commitment turns wishes into reality.  Leaders who make strong commitments have consistent thoughts of success and an unwillingness to stop before achieving the goal. 

Another reason leaders do not make commitments is that they are checking to see what everyone else thinks and to check whether a direction is popular.  It is always good to seek counsel when making decisions, but if it is the right thing for us to pursue, we must commit to that direction.  The most important objectives will always have obstacles and will have those who think it is the wrong decision.  That doesn’t mean we should not commit to a goal; it only means that we need to be strategic with how we move forward. 

Finally, we must shift our focus away from fear.  Fear often is a response to not knowing how something will turn out or how someone will react.  The reality is there are no guarantees in life.  We begin each new endeavor believing in the success of our work, but never knowing what the result will be.  If you focus on fear, you will not take the first step forward but rather stay safely with the tried and true.  Moving past fear is essential if we want to grow and obtain our desired goals.   

As you are planning for 2023, bypass your fears, and make a commitment to those things that are critical to your success! 


Amelia Earhart