Around this time of the year, many people begin to think of goals for the New Year.  They remember those ideas they had hoped would happen last year and wonder if things will align for them to achieve them this year.  Frequently people have the same goals this year as they did five years ago.  So why are they not achieving those goals? 

There can be many reasons, but one of the keys to goals that will lead to success is that they are aligned to our values and purpose. 

Our values and purpose are the fuel that will push us through obstacles and difficulties because we believe that they are so core to our leadership. 

Without this tie-in we tend to ignore the goal unless something creates a sense of urgency that we cannot ignore. 

A goal that produces true success not only ties into our values and purpose, but it is also good for those around you.  In other words it creates such benefits to those we lead, that it would be unthinkable not to do so.  There are many choices for what priorities and goals you need to achieve.  However, when it provides such strong benefit to those we serve, it becomes imperative to move forward.  This requires humility as we seek to serve the best for others. 

Goals also need the collaboration of others on the team.  We often assume we know the best approach or the highest priorities.  However, our team members may have critical insight into goals and how best to implement them.  Engaging our teams in creating goals and determining how to implement them provides further insights into what will succeed and allow us to reach our target. 

These approaches must be followed if we are to enjoy lasting success.  Short term success can be achieved by financial and operational strategies.  However, long term success requires key approaches that will deliver every time you strive for that next goal.  Commit to using these steps and watch your results grow.