We all have obstacles in life and in our work.  Some of those obstacles are large and others are smaller, but in every life there are obstacles for us to overcome.  The question then is not whether we will face obstacles but what solutions we will use to reach our goals. 

The truth about obstacles is that we can overcome them if we are not fixated on them.  There are some leaders who seem to be so focused on the challenges they face, that they cannot find any solutions to move forward.  Whatever obstacles you are focused on will grow in size and paralyze us.  Therefore, if you focus on the challenge, it will seem insurmountable.   However, if you focus on solutions to challenges it will grow in potential and impact.   

Consider how much time you look at obstacles many which have not occurred yet.  For example, how much time do you spend worrying about a possible recession?  Do we need to be aware of the possibility for a downturn?  Absolutely.  But if our focus stays on that possibility rather than preparing for how we will navigate economic uncertainty and be able to grow, we will begin to see sales plateau and slow down. 

Obstacles also show us our strengths and areas that need development.  When we are tested, we will discover just how strong we are in responding to headwinds that might arise. 

Seeing the challenge as an opportunity to stretch and grow is essential if we are going to move to the next level professionally and as an organization. 

It is natural to want things to be easy and smooth sailing.  However, that desire will not test your potential or push you to reinvent your approach. 

Finally, challenges provide new insights that we would not otherwise gain.  In a world where change is happening at a fast pace, we need to seek new approaches, new insights, and new techniques if we are to succeed.  Innovation often happens out of necessity to meet a need or overcome a challenge.   

What challenge do you need to welcome and change your attitude towards?  While not always fun, let’s help our teams refocus on solutions that will cause us to grow in significant ways. 


Aretha Franklin