Leaders and other professionals will often talk about growth and the path to success.  Buried in that discussion is often a sense of being able to arrive.  That if we do the right things along the way, we will be able to coast at some point.  However, the journey to growth and even success is a continuous, life long one.  Just when you think you know the answers to the questions, the questions change. 

Right before COVID started, our company was working on recruitment, handbook policies, and other HR and leadership issues.  COVID grew throughout the country and suddenly companies were locking down, needing to re-evaluate if they had enough work for their team, increase their capacity for remote work, learn about PPE, PPP and a whole list of other programs we had never experienced before.  Safety issues were paramount in ways that we did not have to consider before.   

Our company quickly pivoted to learn and consult on many of these issues to help our clients sustain themselves through the pandemic.  The questions had changed almost overnight, and we spent a tremendous amount of time learning and investing in how to navigate the new world we found ourselves in at that time. 

As we come out of COVID, we are becoming faced with new questions again about whether virtual work is here to stay, how we lead in an era that is more global than ever before, how we make decisions in an even more unpredictable world, and with increased issues around DEI and other societal issues.   

You see what we learned yesterday was great, but it is not enough to answer tomorrow’s questions and continue to be our best.

To be our best means continuous learning, a curiosity about what could be and considering how we might be able to improve on yesterday’s best work.  Learning will have to be a consistent part of our day-to-day existence.  Mentoring, coaching, training, life experiences will all have to be combined to provide tools throughout our lives. 

What can you do to prepare and continue your journey of excellence?  Consider what skills, ideas, values, and perspectives you will need for the journey ahead.  Let’s continue the adventure that awaits us!