You are probably familiar with the phrase “opportunity is king.”    Of course, we would all love to get the next big project or order, but too many simply wait and hope that it will happen. They have big goals but are wishing that opportunities will magically appear and lead to a successful year!

Experience teaches us that we have to do more than hope things will happen. There have been times when I was tired, had a crazy schedule and did not feel like going to another business event.  The temptation to pass on these events can be huge. However, almost every time I go despite the way I feel an opportunity presents itself.  It’s amazing how putting myself in the right place opens up opportunities for great conversations.

Being in the right place takes assessment. A local business leader evaluates the groups they were part of each year and how effective they were in gaining introductions and opportunities. Spending time at one event means that you are not able to spend time at other events. You need to be in the right place to access as many opportunities as possible.

Being with the right people is also important. Are you spending time with worriers and negative people or with can-do people? Get to know connectors and people who are about overcoming obstacles. You will learn and grow more through them than by being alone. These connections will spur innovative thinking and energize you to be more productive.

Being in the right place at the right time requires us to plan and make the right decisions. Unless you put time in your calendar for these essential activities, they will not happen. Other less critical things will crowd out time to develop opportunities and strengthen our relationships with other centers of influence.  Less forward thinking professionals will say they are too busy. However, making the right decision by prioritizing these activities will free you to do the things that will make the greatest difference.

Make the choice to lead towards opportunity and a great future by being in the Right Place, at the Right Time, and by making the Right Decisions.