There is an old movie called Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly. The story presents a lighthearted look at how you can choose to sing in less-than-ideal circumstances.  While the movie is entertaining, some would say this view is not realistic and involves burying your head in the sand.  Yet there is an underlying truth we should not miss. 

Our response is always a choice
It is important to know that our response is always a choice.  Some time ago I was introduced to a formula which states E+R=O (event + response = outcome).   Events are the unexpected things that occur and which are outside our control.  This could be a flat tire, a recession, or a health issue that we suddenly must address.  Events can sometimes be good, but typically bring some type of challenge. 

Our response is something we can control and will significantly impact the outcome.  It’s okay to be sad or angry when a challenging event occurs, but what is more important is what you do with those emotions.  Your choice can lead you in a direction that can either defeat you or propel you forward. Using the frustration and anger to move you into action can actually position you for opportunities that are ahead.  

Currently, there is talk of a soft recession in the last quarter of the year.  Some leaders are fearful of what that means for their organization.  As a result, they have begun cutting back on critical goals and resources, thereby ensuring that if a recession does occur, they will not be prepared to respond.  Fear is a natural response, but if we don’t step up to create strategies that will allow us to thrive, we are in reality planning to fail.  

Two leaders faced with the same event will experience very different outcomes based on their response.  What are you dreading, or frustrated by?  How can you change your response to get a different outcome?  Begin by taking the opportunity to make strong responses and watch good outcomes occur.