Platitudes, Attitudes, and Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a season of gratitude for what we have and our loved ones. It reminds us that we have so much to be grateful for including, our health, work, families, and the list goes on. For many of us, this holiday brings those things into view and gives perspective to the challenges we face. However, it does not seem to take long before we forget those thoughts and return to frustrations and fears about life.

What a difference it would make if we could keep that attitude of being grateful year-round! How do we change our attitude from worry and frustration to gratitude? It is certainly a process, not just a quick fix. The first key to changing our attitude to gratitude is platitudes. Not empty platitudes, but inspiring thoughts that keep us focused on what matters. It might be uplifting quotes, music, or other thoughts–whatever is inspiring for you. Getting our thinking focused on hope and the possibilities ahead is essential, for if we only think about the negative, then we will not be able to change our attitude.

Once our thought process is in the right place it will lead to a different attitude. Instead of being frustrated by the driver that cut us off, the project that didn’t go well, or the client that was upset, we can push forward knowing that there are many things going right. We also recognize that when things go wrong there are lessons to be learned and new opportunities to succeed. Being inspired creates a great mindset which powers us to push through the challenges with a can-do attitude.

When our thoughts and attitudes are in line, then gratitude can occur. We gain perspective that the challenges we are facing are not permanent, that we can learn from mistakes, and that setbacks are temporary. This is critical if we are going to lead others to excel and create momentum. Gratitude for a team that is struggling but keeps trying, for team members who go the extra mile, and for all the clients who appreciate our help. We are grateful is in spite of obstacles, not just because everything is going perfect.

Gratitude takes discipline to surround ourselves with inspirational information and people, checking our focus and attitude, and maintaining a balanced perspective. It is not enough to focus for a day, a week or even a holiday season. Yes, there are challenges we face, but if we bring the right perspective into our day, we can face the most difficult tasks with the gratitude that we have an opportunity to do so.

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