Growing Success

Success is not about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.

Michelle Obama

Leadership is all about influencing others.  As one local leader puts it, “We help people do what they would not do without us, and is good for them.”   This statement recognizes the truth that every leader has an opportunity to influence others.  The question is whether we will choose to influence people in such a way that they are better for having followed us.

A great exercise is to either quarterly or annually look at your business and ask the question, how did we impact people’s lives.  If your goal is to advance people’s lives and work, you will have client’s and employees wanting to work with you.  Too often we get focused on finances, which are a by-product of success.  Instead, ask yourself “how can we serve others in a greater way this year?”

My team does this on a regular basis. It is amazing the impact it has on our ability to lead.  It clearly identifies our goals, focuses our attention and efforts on the things that matter most to our clients, and energizes our efforts to serve others.  Grow your success by focusing on the most important goal, which is making a difference in people’s lives.