First Steps are the Biggest

People often dream about the wonderful things they could achieve. While dreams are not bad, they remain an elusive thought unless we are willing to take steps to realize our dreams. Leaders know that they must do three things – create a vision of where they want to go, align their team and resources around that vision, and then execute their plan.

If we do not move beyond dreaming into the next steps of alignment and execution, we will not succeed. Aligning our time, teams, resources and strategies to implement and execute our vision is critical. That critical moment between imagining our vision and actually working to achieve your goal, is the magical moment when our imagined future can become a reality.

What have you been hoping might happen that needs to be given a chance? What dreams are you still dreaming about? Determine the first step in that journey and do it right away. Remember that journeys are taken one step at a time to reach our destination.