Celebrating What Matters

Celebrating does not occur in organizations very often.  If celebrations occur, it typically is based on getting through the year, a business anniversary, or the end of a difficult project.   While there is reason to celebrate reaching a goal, it is good to consider what else should be celebrated.

Leaders understand that our team members are far more important and should be celebrated.  Each person contributes to the mutual goals, brings diversity to the team and our purpose, and cannot be fully replaced because they are unique.  Team members are invaluable to the successful fulfillment of our purpose or mission.

Celebration can be a quick thank you note, a word of praise, or sharing an accomplishment with others.  Further, leaders celebrate the potential each person holds by opening doors for them, providing new tools, as well as encouraging learning and growth.  Become a “Chief Celebration Officer” by uplifting and celebrating each team member!