Focus Determines Outcome

There are many things that discourage us and can lead to defeat.  You have only to listen to news reports of COVID, political debates, racism, economic uncertainty, and more.  Listening to all the crises, you could easily decide to give up and close your business.  It can be daunting!

Leaders use challenges to drive them forward.  Instead of asking who is going to fix it for them, they determine how they will create a better workplace, and world.  Leaders create a strategy of how to initiate momentum. They influence others towards a better outcome, and never doubt that the results are worth the challenging journey.

Creating a positive outcome does not require money, high IQ, or luck.  Positive outcomes are the result of leaders focusing on how they can have a positive impact, and determining that they will not allow challenges to diminish their goal.

Here is a perfect example of how one person who believes in change can have such an impact. One person, taking one step, creating an amazing outcome. Voices of our City on America’s Got Talent