20/20 Vision

When you get your eyes examined, the “ideal” results are said to be 20/20.  With 20/20 vision you can see equally well near or far away and see details that others might miss.  As leaders, this balanced vision is certainly important when we consider priorities and goals.

However, this test of vision is even more important when applied to self-awareness and Emotional EQ.  Think about leaders you know who are brilliant strategists, have a high IQ. They are determined to succeed, however their “vision” of themselves is blind, and others around them pay the price. Because of their lack of self-discipline, or their arrogance, or their overly forceful nature.  Anyone can be blind at times to the reality of their strengths and weaknesses.

Successful leaders rely not only on their own self-awareness but invite others to provide feedback.  This feedback can come from team members, peers, supervisors, or professional coaches.  Obtaining feedback from multiple sources is helpful in providing a balanced perspective of how we are doing with those we serve.  We need to schedule regular times to obtain and reflect on developing 20/20 vision related to our character and our leadership.   Demonstrate our strength by inviting others to give honest feedback without allowing ourselves to become defensive.  20/20 Vision is essential to being a highly effective leader!