The Three I’s of Leadership

The first “I” is Influencing Others.  Leaders influence others to make great decisions, move in successful directions, and to align with others to reach key goals.  Influence is based on relationships of trust that allow us to guide those we seek to lead.  It is not based on our title but rather on if others believe we have their best interest at heart.  Influence comes as they see a leader’s willingness to sacrifice for the good of the team, organization and community.

The second “I” of leadership is Impacting Situations.  Impacting situations requires a leader to know how to identify and clarify issues, develop strategy around reaching goals, and allocate needed resources to achieve the needed change.   Many times, this will require courage to take some risks and the fortitude to face and overcome obstacles.  Strategic planning is a key tool for leaders to master.

The third “I” of leadership is Infusing teams with vision and hope.  Without a vision of where we hope to go, clarity around the goal, and hope for a better future a leader should just give up.  Those we serve are looking to see if the leader believes that great things can be achieved.  Our vision must be large enough to stretch us, exciting enough for others to align around, and create a better future for those we serve.

Check your attention to the three “I’s” of leadership.  How are you doing at influencing others, impacting situations, and infusing your team with vision and hope.  Great leaders will master all three and direct time and resources to these key areas.