Styles in clothing change and with it our wardrobe.  Many people try to be fashionable and look their best.  Others stay with a “classic” look, so they will not have to change their clothes to fit with the latest trends.

In leadership, there can be trends that come and go which is costly in terms of resources and time.  It also leads to confusion within our teams as they try to decipher what is important.  Leaders must be aware that while our processes and procedures change, their demeanor should be consistent and “classic” with what is truly effective.

Leading with style is about how you demonstrate and “wear” your priorities:


*Lead with focus.   When you are at work, are you focused on making an impact there?  Or are you distracted by challenges or things of lower priority?

*Lead with commitment.  Commitment means that we are determined to reach our goals regardless of the obstacles.  We challenge ourselves to stretch in new ways to overcome those obstacles.

*Lead with a positive view.  There are a lot of negativities that can discourage us.  However, leaders must always look to the possibilities and embrace hope for a bright future.

*Leading with values.  Values are the things that we hold onto no matter what the cost.  Leaders must make decisions and operate out of our values if we are to have credibility.  Otherwise, we lose trust.

*Lead to build.  Building people is one of the key responsibilities leaders possess.  Leading is not about the benefits we derive, but rather what our team members and others will gain.  Leaders must build people, teams, and organizations if we want to earn the right to lead.

How would you describe your leadership?  Check to see if your leadership is truly “classic” or if there are areas where you have slipped into what is convenient.  Support your team and create momentum by modeling these keys to leadership.